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qijong / Leden / qijong



893 keer bezocht sinds 29 Juli 2015, 03:11
Naam Qijong Qijong
Geboortedatum 14-6-1915
Leeftijd 103
Woonplaats qijong, Bolivia

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'Is the roof surface white'

Geplaatst 29 Juli 2015, 03:34

Is Delanie Walker Titans Jersey the roof surface white? That alone will cut the heat gain tremendously. And if you were to be resurfacing the roof, you could add foam insulation, as well. Or, if the structure is strong enough, you could put in a green roof, with plants like sedum absorbing the solar energy and reducing your runoff.

But none of these kinds of Authentic Delanie Walker Jersey options are going to be cheap, and not all are going to be possible given the realities of how your house was built.

Won't it hit the solar panels, instead? I mean, if the solar panels are on racks on the roof, then the solar panels will get hot, produce electricity, and then radiate the rest of that Authentic Justin Hunter Jersey heat back into the air above my roof, rather than into the roof itself. Or at least that's how I was imagining it. Am I wrong?

posted by anotherpanacea at 7:35 AM on September 11, 2010

I'm not sure what you mean by toothin: a flat roof is going to have fairly deep rafters. If the roof really is too thin to blow in insulation, the solution would be to redo the insulation with polyurethane foam, which isn't cheap.

Some cheap things you can do are to install a layer of reflective bubblewrap (available at any Home Depot) spanning the rafters. This you can easily do yourself, just staple it up and tape the seams. Also, you can install a vent for the "attic" space and try to exhaust some of the hot air. We may tackle it ourselves once it cools off enough here Justin Hunter Jersey to work in the attic.

posted by Lyn Never at 8:50 AM on September 11, 2010

Also, if you are going to lay down the cash for solar panels, actually insulating the roof up to R40 is a much better investment and better for the environment too. If you have AC you will pay off the investment much faster than solar power and massively reduce the amount of coal burnt to cool your home (and heat it if you have electric heat.)

1 inch of polyurethane foam has about an R10 insulation rating. So if you have four inches under your roof, you can get it up to R40.

posted by cecic at 9:02 AM on September 11, 2010

You need insulation, but you also likely need air movement between the insulation on the upper side of the ceiling and the lower side of the roof. Too much heat build up there will make your house energy intensive and also impact the life of the roof itself. Roof rafters are probably going to be 2x8, so you may be able to get fiberglass batts in there with some creative maneuvering, but you also probably need to get a fan up there to keep air circulating up there and prevent heat/moisture build up. They are typically whole house fans/etc, or maybe you just need some ventilation in the eaves. Talk to some roofers.

The insulation is really important though, Delanie Walker Jersey you may have to go foam if you don't have a lot of clear space. If you're having this much heat transfer in the summer you're going to have a ton of heat loss in the winter which will be pretty expensive long term.

posted by iamabot at 9:19 AM on September 11, 2010

(also congratulations on the home!)

posted by iamabot at 9:20 AM on September 11, 2010

Two loose fill contractors who use the "drlll and blow" method have said they'd only be able to supply an Justin Hunter Titans Jersey Rvalue in the 20s and perhaps even the 10s, which is seems perssimistic but is roughly consistent with EPA estimates.

I just clambered out to redo the measurements, and the roof is 8 inches deep. Four inches of that is the rafters for the top layer, and four inches are the rafters to which the interior ceiling is affixed. To access the roof for foil or foam would require us to open up the interior ceiling of our bedrooms completely, in which case we'd lose the use of the top floor of our house during renovations. We're loath to do that in the short term because it's a newly renovated house. But perhaps that is the best longterm solution?

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